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iPad & iPhone Repair in Stockholm

Apple Certified Technicians know the core of every product. We're not just another repair shop down the street. We are team of Certified Technicians to Repair Computers in Stockholm.


Display Change, Button, Camera, Speaker & Body Replacement are done by us. Any other hardware issues can be fixed at BitSys Team. Here we take care of quality of the part & provide warranty.


Do you face issues backing up your iPhone? Are you unable to do any kind of Configuration on the phone? Is your IT staff is killing your time and unable to provide right solution? Get in touch with us. We can assure you 100% fix without hassle.


Is your kid using iPhone for surfing internet more than he should. We can provide you a specially customized setting that will block Safari or only App Store. You can control the setting with a password.

SYNC & Apple ID

Issues with Apple ID? Unable to sync your songs with your Mac or PC? We can assist you with every small bit of iPhone for synching the data. You need a spcial Beyonce song as Ring Tone? If you have purchased it, we can help you set it.

Mac Repair in Stockholm

The Best Mac Admins

We have the best Mac Admins and Mac Technicians in Stockholm. The entire team is Apple Certified. With us, you can be assured that your Mac are in expert hands. We love your Mac more than you do.


Get in touch with us if you are facing any kind of issue with your operating system. Understanding and fixing OS X issues is what we are best at. If you need advance help like removing some icons from System Preferences or make your Mac customized for you, we will be very glad to repair your Mac.


Microsoft Office 2011-2016, Adobe Suite, Dropbox, Aperture, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Finder, GarageBand, Parallels, VMWare Fusion, Fonts or any other application that is behaving odd can be fixed by our technicians. Let our Mac Ninjas fix the issues on your Mac. We can help with Apple & 3rd party softwares.


Apple has made Mac not to be slow when you use it as your daily home computer. It is a robust device that is said - never dies. If your Mac is slow at startup, shutdown or during it is running, we can help you fixing the issues by identifying real cause of the problem. A speedy Mac always makes you feel delighted.


Chipped Screen? Broken Cover?
Too Many Scratches? Need a New Body for your Mac? Hard disk or CPU fan making noise? Is the Mac getting over heated?
Bring it to us and we will get it repaired using our Diagnostic Tools suggested by Apple. Stay assured, with us you have Best Mac Technicians in Sweden.


Still in love with Windows and you want to run it on the Mac itself. We have various solutions you can opt from. Using these you can run Windows on your Mac seamlessly, both Windows & Mac icon on the same screen. If you want we can keep the windows separate too...or may be you want Dual Boot - we have it all!


If you run heavy duty softwares on your Mac and your RAM is too low, it is recommened to upgrade it. Low RAM can cause overheating and slowness. SSD Hard Disks are great for use, it increases the efficiency and speed of data transfer. Would you like to have one SSD in your Old MacBook Pro or iMac?

All Services

PC and Apple / Mac Support

PCs with Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7Support for all PC models including Dell, Acer, Asus, Sony, Samsung, HP, Compaq, Toshiba etc.
Mac OS X and Apple computersWe support all kinds of Hardware, Sofware and Operating System issues.

Web and Internet

Broadband ADSL, fiber or 3G / 4G.
WiFi Router, problems with wireless networks, security.
Domain Registration Buy domain, relocation, repositioning and transfers, DNS.
Email  Email in your PC and mobile, webmail, Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird, Gmail, Hotmail.

Advice and purchase help

Computers and accessories Which products work together? How fast the computer is needed? Price comparison.
Electronics and accessories Cameras, TVs, Home Cinema, HiFi, MP3 players, alarm.
Purchase of online services Backup Services, Film and Music, Games, Spotify, Voddler.
Children and computers Security, Internet filters, ergonomics.


Virus and Trojans controlDisinfection, prevention of viruses. Help with the Police Virus.
Firewall Installation, settings in the computer and router.
Password Lost and forgotten passwords, create strong passwords, save passwords safely.
Backup Backup service and automated daily backup so that you don’t have to worry about talking to IT again
Data Recovery All kinds of Data Recovery for Mac and PC.

Mobile and Portable

iPhoneApps, settings and usage.
AndroidApps, settings and usage.
TabletsGoogle Nexus, iPad and iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Surfing via mobile phoneTethering surfing with PC via mobile phone, surf abroad.
Synchronization Move photos, address books and phone lists.
BackupSecure your images and data. Backup can only be learned the hard way.

Education / Programs Help

Software Use Word, Excel, Photoshop, Skype, FTP, Games, etc.
Web Services Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Hotmail, Live, Blogspot, Wordpress, eBay.

iPhone & iPad

All kinds of Repair and FixLCD Replacement, Touch button replacement, Databackup, Charging & Headphone Jack.

Meet the Apple Certified Experts

  • Laeeq Humam
    Laeeq Humam macOS Architech

    With 10 years of experience in macOS world, Laeeq is the Guru at BitSys Technology. He has done multiple Apple certifications, Trained by Amsys PLC, UK and FileWave Inc. Switzerland. He is involved in supporting Enterprise Clients in Sweden.

  • Jasper Orieny
    Jasper Orieny Senior Mac Admin

    Along with being an Apple Certified Technician, Jasper is great at Software, Hardware issues related to Windows, Mac & iPhone. He has 5 years of experience supporting Macs in various enviroment. He is an iOS expert in the team.

  • Amit Goyal
    Amit Goyal Win & Mac Admin

    Amit has extensive experience in managing Windows clients, SCCM and Windows Servers. He has provided supported for various major organizations across the globe. He has recently worked on project to rollout Windows 10, SCEP & inTune.


Windows Support

We have a vast experience of handlng Windows hardware & software issues. We are expanding our team to provide support for the increasing demands of our customers.

Operating System Issues & Slowness

We take care of all Operating System related issues. Do you experience slowness in your Mac? Annyoing popups coming up randomly that you want to get rid of? Operating System Upgrade is required? We should be able to cater all kinds of support for Windows 7 till 10.

Software Issues & Drivers & Printers

Get in touch with us if any third party applications like Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud apps is not performing as expected. If you have printers or any other accessory that is not working due to driver issues, we will get it fixed for you.

Network, Internet Issues & Router Setup

Connectivity issues with other devices at home or other internet not working on a PC, you can get in touch with us. Also, if you want to turn your home into a WiFi connected smart home, we will be able to help you set one. This will involve few other products that you may have to buy for smart home.

Hardware Change & Upgrades

Old machine that needs to run new OS, we will help you upgrade the hardware to meet the requirements. Drives, Fan, SMC, Cabinet change, we take care of all.
Extenal Hardware devices and connectivity issues can be well handled by us. Want a better speed? Upgrade your HDD to SSD and feel the difference.

Regular Health Check

Yes, we arrange pickup for only 200:- in Stockholm additional payment. We will give you reciept for pickup and details of the current condition of Mac. Once sent back, you can check all of them. Routine Health check can be done for all devices.

Laptop & Tablet related Issues

Laptop screen change, keyboard change, battery getting drained quickly, USB port change, SSD upgrade, RAM upgrade of Laptops. Tablet screen change, chrome case setup from tablet to TV and remote management solutions is provided by us.  

For Universities & Education

We provide OS X Imaging, Application Packaging and Mac / iOS Management

For educational Institutions, we also provide OS X Imaging, Application Packaging & Application Deployment. Also Mac Server management, Mac client management via MDS and integration of Mac in Windows environment.
All this at a discounted price for Educational Institutions.

Corporate Support to be Launched shortly...

For enquiries about outsourcing Mac Support in your Company, please get in touch with us by sending email to Corporate Support at